The Top Halloween Episodes in America

Do you watch specific Halloween episodes of television? I don’t really think to do that. Watch specific movies around Halloween time, yes? In fact, my husband and I just re-watched “To Cast a Deadly Spell” because hey, it’s the Halloween season! This is why although perhaps not the most scientific of surveys, I couldn’t resist diving into the results from USDISH’s report “The Top Halloween Episodes in America.

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, USDISH isn’t doing super in-depth research. As outlined in their report “The team at USDISH looked at the top 15 episodes on IMDb that were tagged ‘Halloween,’ produced between 1990 and 2020, had over 1,500 votes, and had a rating of 7.5 or higher. From there, we found the episode premiere’s viewership in the TV by the Numbers archive and ranked the shows from most to least popular based on viewership.

To find out each state’s most popular TV show during Halloween, we looked at Google Trends data from October 1–October 30, 2020, to find which show had the greatest search volume in each state.”

If you were going to watch television for Halloween, what would you watch? For me, any “Treehouse of Horror” from The Simpsons. If I was feeling bold AND daring, I’d go with any American Horror Story season. Below are the top television shows for Halloween by state:

Alabama                 Friends
Alaska	                Stranger Things
Arizona	                The Simpsons
Arkansas                The Big Bang Theory
California              The Simpsons
Colorado                Friends
Connecticut             The Simpsons
Delaware                The Big Bang Theory
District of Columbia	Stranger Things
Florida	                Stranger Things
Georgia	                Stranger Things
Hawaii	                Criminal Minds
Idaho	                Stranger Things
Illinois	        Friends
Indiana	                Criminal Minds
Iowa	                Friends
Kansas	                The Big Bang Theory
Kentucky	        The Big Bang Theory
Louisiana	        Friends
Maine	                The Big Bang Theory
Maryland	        The Simpsons
Massachusetts	        Friends
Michigan	        Stranger Things
Minnesota	        The Simpsons
Mississippi	        The Big Bang Theory
Missouri	        Friends
Montana	                Stranger Things
Nebraska	        The Simpsons
Nevada	                The Simpsons
New Hampshire	        Friends
New Jersey	        Friends
New Mexico	        Friends
New York	        Friends
North Carolina	        Stranger Things
North Dakota	        Criminal Minds
Ohio	                Stranger Things
Oklahoma	        The Simpsons
Oregon	                The Simpsons
Pennsylvania	        Criminal Minds
Rhode Island	        The Simpsons
South Carolina	        Stranger Things
South Dakota	        The Big Bang Theory
Tennessee	        Friends
Texas	                Friends
Utah	                Stranger Things
Vermont	                Friends
Virginia	        Stranger Things
Washington	        Stranger Things
West Virginia	        The Big Bang Theory
Wisconsin	        Criminal Minds
Wyoming	                Criminal Minds

You can view the whole USDISH report here.

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