Peace and Spiritual Warrior Workout

This is a review that is WAY past due. OG Magical Buffet interviewee, and crazy well-known new age artist Paul Avgerinos is back with not one, but two albums!

First is “Peace.” This instrumental album was created to aid the listener in finding comfort and relaxation. This 10-track album is for those who enjoy meditation with music, massage therapists looking to create a cocoon of bliss for their clients, and anyone who just wants to close their eyes and exhale.

Take a moment to enjoy the first single from the album:

The second album to discuss is “Spiritual Warrior Workout w/ Deepak Chopra.” This isn’t the first time Avgerinos and Chopra have partnered up. You may remember that back in 2019 I shared that the two had collaborated to create “Musical Meditations on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” The “Spiritual Warrior Workout” is crafted to provide an hour long “high-vibration” soundtrack to your workout. The songs feature Chopra speaking affirmations.

I honestly cannot decide how I feel about this one. The music is beautiful and upbeat; however, I find the spoken affirmations to be jarring sometimes. This album will be an acquired taste. It won’t be accompanying any of my workouts soon, but perhaps it will yours.

Try out the track “Observe Workout” from the album:

You can learn more about Paul Avgerinos and his music on his website.

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