Ghost Walks

Have you ever heard of a “ghost walk”?  Sometimes they’re called “ghost tours” or “haunted tours”.  These are tours of areas that generally have some kind of history of haunting.  At their best, they are a blend of history, folklore, urban legend, and ghosts.  Of course, like any tour, quality can vary.  If you’re ever interested in trying one it’s always best to ask around and see if anyone has done the tour you’re considering or have a different one to recommend.  Other things to consider are how much walking is involved and the time of year.  If you hate the cold, like me, and the tour is on foot, avoid the fall season.  If you have problems with walking for long periods, it’s best to do a tour where they bus you from location to location.  A few minutes of research can help eliminate a lot of discomfort. 
If you go to Google, or any other internet search engine, and type in the words ghost walk+your city, state you’ll be rewarded with lots of options.  Again, a little research goes a long way.  Keep in mind, these are for entertainment, and like any recreational endeavors, never spend more money than you’re comfortable with.  It’s hard to enjoy a walking tour, or pretty much any activity, if you’re going to spend the whole time worrying about whether the experience will live up to the money you spent.
Now I meant for this blog to just be about plugging a ghost tour in my hometown of Macomb, Illinois, but it has inadvertently become a bit of a primer about ghost tours in general.  I’ve never had the experience of doing A Midwest Haunting’s ghost walk, but I try to keep up with the group because they go to places that I remember from my youth.  They recently got some press in my hometown newspaper, The Macomb Journal, for adding locations at Western Illinois University, and starting their tour season in March.  If any of my readers from the area try the tour, I would love to hear about your experiences!