Product Profile: Connections, Jigsaw Puzzles for Healing

Connections, Jigsaw Puzzles for Healing
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Offering unique tools for meditation, healing and making mindful connections. Our unique and beautiful jigsaw puzzles combine the holistic exercise of piecing a puzzle together with the power of healing and spiritual art honoring many of the spiritual traditions. Angels, Buddhas, Chakras, Hindu Art, Mandalas, Yantras, Yoga Art and more, including an exclusive line of children’s jigsaw puzzles featuring illustrations from the award winning book “In Every Moon There is a Face” (Illumination Arts Publishing). These puzzles make great gifts for children and wise adults. High quality printing and production and all puzzles are MADE IN THE USA!

Jigsaw puzzles are unique in that they exercise both the left brain and right brain simultaneously. Working on a jigsaw puzzle actually creates “connections” between our left and right brain. The left brain is analytical, sees all of the individual pieces and tries to fit them together based on logic. The right brain is our creative side and sees the “big picture”. Jigsaw puzzles require us to use both sides of our brain which results in a balanced mind and an increased ability to learn. Additionally, they naturally induce a state of quiet, creative meditation and rewire our brains from normal day-to-day linear thought, to being able to make lateral connections.

Our unique puzzles combine this healing and meditative exercise with healing and spiritual images. The result, a powerful and beautiful tool for healing! As featured in the New Age Retailer (Trade Show 2007 Issue page 132 and Holiday 2007 Issue page 135) our puzzles make great and unique gifts for all ages.

Connections Puzzles Company Information
Connections Puzzles in owned and operated by Trish Barker who lives in Maui, Hawaii. A practicing Homeopath, Connections Puzzles came to Trish during the course of her Homeopathic study wherein she realized that piecing a puzzle together actually rewired her brain to make lateral connections. Not able to find jigsaw puzzles with healing or spiritual art, she decided to make them herself. Trish uses the puzzles as a way to prepare herself and her clients for consultations, and in many cases uses the puzzles themselves to open up cases that prove difficult.

All puzzles are manufactured in the U.S.A. by a longstanding company with employees who’ve been with the company, some as long as 22 years. Connections Puzzles is proud to support the US economy and to present a product that is made in an ethical manner and that supports fair trade.

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