I Told You So

Yes, I realize this is old news. In the land of Facebook and Twitter, in a universe with awesome websites like The Wild Hunt, I am, and probably forever will be a day late and a dollar short. However, since the December 2009 Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s latest offering “Many Americans Mix Multiple Faiths” confirms the founding ideals of The Magical Buffet I feel obliged to offer up my two cents. (Man, there are a lot of money references in this paragraph. Must be the recession.)

As the oldest, loyalest, bestest readers will tell you, The Magical Buffet wasn’t always “Where Spirituality, Politics, and Pop Culture Collide.” Back in 2006 it was where you would “Take What You Want, and Leave the Rest.” As you can read in our “About Us” section I address our original philosophy, “For those of you that missed it, my original philosophy explained that by watching the movie ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ I realized that all modes of belief are valid on some level and that a lot could be gained by offering up articles introducing our readers to as many different ideas as possible, enabling them to “Take What They Want, and Leave the Rest”. This is part of a line from the character Egg Shen in the movie, and our original tag line for the site.” Since I essentially practice a hodge podge of religious philosophies, I assumed that there were other religious DIYers that would like to learn more about beliefs and practices they could fold into their already existent spirituality. I was right. (A thank you to all my Wiccan/Pagan peeps, the most adaptable spiritual bunch I’ve encountered! Love you!)

Now as we all are aware, The Magical Buffet is no longer entirely devoted to religion and spirituality because there were other fantastic communities of people out there that I wanted to try to bring together with my already awesome original Buffet subscribers. I always suspected that Gamers/Wiccans/Music Lovers/New Agers/Action Movie Fans/Spiritualists/Comic Book Geeks would be my key demographic. However I still absolutely believe in my original Buffet philosophy, and if this latest survey from Pew is to be believed, I’ve been right along.

People, we’re such a bizarre contrary bunch, it’s why I love humanity so. Ask a Catholic if they hold any Hindu beliefs, they’ll say no. Ask a Catholic if they believe in reincarnation (a biggie in the Hindu faith) and 28% will say yes. Ask a Protestant if they believe in any New Age philosophies, they’ll say no. Ask them if they believe that spiritual energy can be found in physical things, like mountains, trees, and crystals, 20% will say yes. I understand that these aren’t ludicrously high numbers, but I think it shows that more people than we might suspect are taking what they want and leaving the rest. More encouraging still the report states “One-third of Americans (35%) say they regularly (9%) or occasionally (26%) attend religious services at more than one place, and most of these (24% of the public overall) indicate that they sometimes attend religious services of a faith different from their own. Among those who attend religious services at least once a week, nearly four-in-ten (39%) say they attend at multiple places and nearly three-in-ten (28%) go to services outside their own faith.” Americans are definitely experiencing and learning more about religious practices outside of their own, and I find that cause to celebrate.

Why? Because nothing makes a woman happier than being able to say, “I told you so.”