12 Days of Blogging

You may think this is going to be a Merry Christmas, God bless us everyone, holiday post, but you’re wrong. In fact, this post is in reference to the fact that today is the FIRST day of Christmas. You know, the one where you get the partridge. Anyway, the new year is approaching, making this the time that’s rife with best of, top whatever, lists. Since I’m a blogger these days, I figured I would share with you fine folks my favorite blogs (assuming that somehow having a blog gives me the authority to recommend other blogs). And, since I fancy myself as a clever girl at times (much like the velociraptor in “Jurassic Park”), I thought that I would acknowledge that today marks the first of the twelve days of Christmas, the twelfth day being the last day before Epiphany, the commemoration of the manifestation of Christ to the gentiles in the persons of the Magi, and go with 12 Days of Blogging. That’s right, I’m getting Catholic on y’all!

With that said, below are my 12 Days of Blogging, with the twelfth day being the arrival of the Wise Men, which makes number twelve suddenly even more amusing. If you want, you can read one paragraph a day and make it an event (and generate more hits for my website), or you can read it all now and immediately begin telling me about blogs you like in the comments section.

On the first day of blogging I would suggest to thee, a visit to Sketch Please. Artists challenge each other with weekly subjects in a public forum, how cool is that? The answer my friends is, very cool. It’s all art, so some may not consider it a “blog”, but I do, and it’s one of my favorites.

On the second day of blogging I would suggest to thee, subscribing to What Greg Eats. My friend Greg has this nasty habit of talking to me about food in a way that inevitably makes me crave that food beyond normal human levels. Now he spreads his wicked gift with his blog.

On the third day of blogging I would suggest to thee, Michael Ruhlman’s blog. I became aware of Michael Ruhlman after seeing his appearance on the Las Vegas episode of “No Reservations”. His blog discusses all things food: preparation, recipes, cookbook reviews, news, shopping, everything!

On the fourth day of blogging I would suggest to thee, bookmarking The Wild Hunt. I just became aware of this site a few weeks ago and it’s already a must! It’s you’re one stop blog for everything going on in various Pagan communities and everything outside effecting them. If I do this list again next year, I suspect this will end up in my top five.

On the fifth day of blogging I would suggest to thee, subscribing to 101 Cookbooks. Just loads of great recipes. Vegetarian, occasionally Vegan, mostly whole grains. If you’re looking to fall in love with whole grains, visit this site right now!

On the sixth day of blogging I would suggest to thee, Anthony Bourdain’s blog. Generally his blog is active when new seasons of his show “No Reservations” are airing, and they discuss the stuff that you don’t see in the episodes. Also, from time to time he’ll just write about other stuff, like learning to let go of his Rachael Ray hate, or children’s television programming. I enjoy his writing style and his show, so I check out his blog at least once a week to see if there is anything new.

On the seventh day of blogging I would suggest to thee (who aren’t easily offended), a visit to Perez Hilton’s website. I know, I know. Perez Hilton is stupid, or mean, or hateful, or bigoted, or whatever. I’m not saying I love the photos of celebrities with a penis drawn on them, but here’s the deal. Perez Hilton posts more videos and links to things I’m glad to see than any other entertainment blog. If I didn’t read his blog I wouldn’t have found out about Robyn’s latest CD and Ida Maria’s debut album, I wouldn’t have seen the best performances from the American Music Awards, and I wouldn’t have realized that Lady Gaga was the person behind every dance song I liked this past year. In other words, Perez Hilton’s website has made my life better. Sorry folks, it may be sad, but it is true.

On the eighth day of blogging I would suggest to thee, Neil Gaiman’s Twitter feed. Gaiman, author of the awesomely fantastic “Sandman” series, “American Gods”, “Stardust”, and more, technically has a blog, but since The Magical Buffet is on Twitter, I find it easier to just follow him on Twitter. His blog posts show up in his Twitter feed along with other fun observations and news.

On the ninth day of blogging I would suggest to thee, William Gibson’s Twitter feed. Gibson has a blog, but even he admits on it that you’re better off following him on Twitter. Gibson, author of one of my all-time favorite fiction novels, “Neuromancer”, is surprisingly prolific in the microblogging format. He’s much funnier than I would have expected and he frequently post links to news stories that I end up glad I’ve read. Yup, William Gibson’s Twitter feed is one of my news sources.

On the tenth day of blogging I would suggest to thee, a visit to Wil Wheaton in Exile. I totally had a crush on Wil Wheaton when I was younger, and I suspect if I hadn’t found the king of all geeks and married him, I would probably still have a crush on Wheaton. Instead, I am now what is politely referred to as a “fangirl”. I can’t help it; his blog is a delightful mix of all things geek along with personal introspection. One day I’m hearing about a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, the next I’m learning about trying to survive the Hollywood casting process, and the next I’m given a recipe for breakfast. I dare say our blogs are eerily similar except for a few minor differences, he doesn’t really talk religion and he’s a better writer than me.

On the eleventh day of blogging I would suggest to thee, daily visits to Least I Could Do. Technically Least I Could Do is a webcomic. One of the best webcomics I’ve ever read. Great writing, fantastic artwork, and there is a new strip every day. If you like comic books, action movies, sex, television, fantasy novels, and I don’t know, just about any other pop culture niche, you should be reading this comic. Since it is original content that’s updated daily, I would consider that enough to call it a “blog”, but just to satisfy any nitpickers, I’ll point out that the home page also has blog posts from the writer Ryan Sohmer and occasionally artist Lar Desouza. Sohmer’s blog is a favorite of mine. Whether he’s discussing politics or home improvements, he does it with his fantastic wit that you read daily in his comics.

On the twelfth day of blogging I would suggest to thee, to Go Fug Yourself. I’ll admit it; I’m not a “fashion” person. My ideal wardrobe is nothing but blue jeans and assorted t-shirts. Not what you would necessarily call “fashion forward”. I couldn’t follow the designers mentioned on “Sex in the City” and I genuinely only check out Vanity Fair for the articles. I guess when it comes to fashion; I’m more like a man than a woman (if we’re going to paint with the broad strokes of generalities). All of that changed when I stumbled across Go Fug Yourself. You don’t need to know about fashion, or even really care about fashion, to love this site. It’s filled with fantastic writing that’s littered with varied pop cultural touchstones to discuss celebrity fashion. One may expect vapid, superficial talk, but you quickly realize these women are smart, and have a wit that could cut a man. I hope my writing is like theirs when it grows up.

Also, for those of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! God bless us, everyone.