Santa Muerte Tarot

Many of you who follow The Magical Buffet on social media, particularly Twitter, probably saw that I was excited about Llewellyn’s recent tarot deck sale. Sadly, money is tight so I could not take full advantage of the awesomeness, but I did pick up a deck or two. Despite all the decks I purchased being older, lots of people were interested in my thoughts on the “Santa Muerte Tarot” by Fabio Listrani, so here we are.

You might remember that in 2018 I reviewed the “Santa Muerte Oracle”, also by Fabio Listrani. I found the deck to be thoughtfully constructed with wonderful art. That said, I absolutely adore this original tarot version. The oracle deck told a story and provided a Ouija board however, the tarot deck has iconic tarot imagery, and that cannot be undersold. In our western esoteric culture, the archetypal images of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck are ingrained into our subconscious. Seeing Listrani’s artwork blending with it is at a minimum pretty, and at peak, breathtaking.

The “Santa Muerte Tarot” interprets the tarot through the Mexican traditions of Calavera Catrina, Santa Muerte, and Dias de los Muertos. From the accompanying book, “The motif is that Death as it appears to us, due to erroneous mental constructs, is not the opposite of life but rather an integral part of it.”

The “Santa Muerte Tarot” is a wonderful addition to my tarot collection and could be for your too.

You can learn more here.

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