The Druidic Art of Divination

“The Druidic Art of Divination: Understanding the Past and Seeing into the Future” by Jon G. Hughes explores something I had never pondered, how did/do Druids practice divination? Of course, once I saw this book it was the big question.

Hughes follows a pre-Celtic Druid tradition that has been passed down as an oral tradition. As such, he spends some time giving you background. He explains the three types of Druid; Craft Druid, Elemental Druid, and Intuitive Druid, which is the rarest. Hughes discusses the morality and belief system that he, and others of his tradition share. It is an interesting read, particularly since I have read a lot of books most would consider Druid-adjacent, but not focused on the whole of pre-Celtic Druid spiritual life.

All that said, a considerable part of “The Druidic Art of Divination” IS devoted to divination. Hughes opted for three different styles of divination: interpretative, inductive, and intuitive, and the progressive sequence that is common to all of them: defining the intention, physical, spiritual, and mental preparation, preparing the work environment, potentializing the portal, the meditation, interpretation, scattering the work environment, and reflection. He discusses reading the Sevens, a pre-cursor to what many would consider reading Runes. Next is scrying: water, slate, and cupstone. Hughes includes how to instructions for making your own tools and workspaces.

“The Druidic Art of Divination” by Jon G. Hughes does a great service making his pre-Celtic Druid oral tradition available to those of us who are unlikely to find someone to teach it to us in person. I highly recommend it to those interested in some new divination techniques and/or learning more about Druidism.

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