Gemstone Guardians Cards & Your Soul Purpose

In case you did not know, I’m a sucker for crystals. I am sure you’re shocked. I suspect you won’t find it shocking then, that I wanted to review “Gemstone Guardians Cards & Your Soul Purpose” by Margaret Ann Lembo.

For starters, it is 44 full-color cards featuring crystals! Pretty, pretty, crystals. However, there is more to this deck of cards than just full-color crystal porn. Lembo outlines that there are 11 Soul Purpose archetypes: Art, Building, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healing, Investigation, Justice, and Protection. Within those archetypes are 44 life paths. This deck is designed to help you understand yourself and your goals. Each card has a Soul Purpose, a life path, and a crystal, and affirmation to help support you.

You might think that a deck like this is only good for single card draws, but you would be mistaken. The sizeable, 128-page, booklet includes a 3-card spread for past, present, and future, and a nice 7 card spread based on the chakras.

“Gemstone Guardians Cards & Your Soul Purpose” by Margaret Ann Lembo is an intriguing idea for a deck that was well executed, and at $19.99 suggested retail, it is priced right to try out.

You can learn more here.

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