What People Are Saying

As most regular readers know, I attended the 2009 Northern New York Paranormal Expo. What most readers don’t know, is that The Magical Buffet was given the opportunity to have fliers out at the event. Suddenly needing to create fliers I found myself in a bit of a pickle, what on earth does a flier for The Magical Buffet have on it? I came up with the idea that maybe some of the awesome, creative, fabulous people who have contributed to The Magical Buffet would be willing to say what they like about The Magical Buffet and we’ll put that stuff on the fliers. My logic being that all those people are cooler than me, so other people would be duly impressed that those too cool people would say nice things about this less cool person.

Most everyone I asked responded enthusiastically. Honestly, I was caught off guard by the seemingly genuine affection that people had for myself and The Magical Buffet. Being a human, I obviously found myself going, well I LOVE this! I decided that I would post their kind words on the website, thinking that perhaps someone new to the site would go, well if that’s what all these cool people think, I should DEFINITELY read this blog regularly! Also, to be honest, I’m just so darn proud that I couldn’t resist publishing them here so I could brag some. Forgive me my pride.

Now there is a new page on The Magical Buffet website called “What People Are Saying”. Take a moment to check it out!