The Hermetic Science of Transformation

Today’s book was originally published in 1897, but it still has much to say today for anyone aspiring to practice magic, particularly of a Western esoteric influence. I’m alluding to “The Hermetic Science of Transformation: The Initiatic Path of Natural & Divine Magic” by Giuliano Kremmerz.

Giuliano Kremmerz was a philosopher, hermeticist, and alchemist. He outlines his desire for occult sciences to be treated as science in the quest for self-improvement. Kremmerz encourages the reader to try things themselves to decide on their effectiveness. He explores the differences in natural and divine magic.

From the introduction, “Kremmerzian teaching satisfies the two postulates required for a conscious and committed spiritual search: a system of doctrines and learned practices that leads those who are qualified for such study to a direct experience of their contents. Moreover, this pronouncement, formulated here as part of such a teaching, is submitted to being personally verified by the student.”

“The Hermetic Science of Transformation” is a beautifully written book. I constantly found myself reading sentences and thinking, I should share this. It’s extremely quotable, you know, if magical studies are your kind of thing. And if magical studies ARE your kind of thing, you need to get this book.

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