Instant Fortune-Teller

At first, “Instant Fortune-Teller: Answers for All of Life’s Questions at Your Fingertips” from Adams Media might seem silly. What you have is a book full of different predictions that you’re encouraged to randomly select. You focus, set your intention, close your eyes, and open the book to your fortune.

This may seem odd, but there’s a long history of bibliomancy, the practice of using generally sacred texts for magical purposes and divination. All “Instant Fortune-Teller” does is take a secular approach to the practice. Whereas before you would close your eyes and open to a Bible verse that you would then have to exam and reflect on to find its message for your future, this is just straight phrases focused on predicting the future. It’s like a Magic 8 Ball.

“Instant Fortune-Teller” is a fun, attractive, and portable bit of fun. Drop it in your purse or backpack and take to gatherings with friends and families for a good time.

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