Operative Witchcraft

If you read Nigel Pennick’s “Witchcraft and Secret Societies of Rural England” and found yourself wanting more, look no further, Pennick has got you covered. His latest book, “Operative Witchcraft: Spellwork & Herbcraft in the British Isles” is an excellent follow up or stand-alone title.

Here, buried in traditions of rural tradespeople, you’ll find the roots of magic and witchcraft as it’s practiced today. Pennick outlines in detail not just what the magic was, but why it was believed to work. “Operative Witchcraft” covers a lot of magical ground in its approximately 200 pages: the crafting of talismans, animal magic, identifying places of power, creating tools, herbal treatments, and more! He discusses the belief of the different types of witches: White, Black, and Gray. Eventually, he leads us to an exploration of what happened when these rural practices butted up against the Church.

If you want a well written, thoroughly researched look at witchcraft’s past and possible future, get yourself a copy of “Operative Witchcraft”.

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