Awakening Your Crystals

It’s always a good time for crystals. Maybe you got some as a holiday gift. Maybe you’ll be spending some holiday cash to buy some. Either way, the time is right to discuss “Awakening Your Crystals” by Sharon L. McAllister.

“Awakening Your Crystals” focuses on what McAllister feels are eight key crystals: rose quartz, amethyst, pyrite, celestite, smoky quartz, citrine, fluorite, and unakite. She examines these eight crystals in depth separately and how they can work together. She does give a brief rundown on a bunch of other crystals too. All in shiny, full-color, I might add. More importantly, “Awakening Your Crystals” discusses care and maintenance of your crystals, how to explore the crystal’s possibilities, and how to “program” your crystals for the work intended for them.

With its compact size, full-color photos, and focus on healing, “Awakening Your Crystals” by Sharon L. McAllister is a great “go to” crystal book for beginners and longtime crystal lovers alike!

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