Chibi Anime Angel Cards

Let’s be real, I wanted to review “Chibi Anime Angel Cards” because they’re freakin’ adorable. Illustrator Julia Sayegh Ezarani Guimaraes does a fantastic job of capturing the short, round, chibi anime style! You just want to reach through the card and pinch those cute angelic cheeks! That said, I honestly figured these cards were all flash and no substance. Or maybe more like all cute and no substance. Guess what? I was wrong.

Author Dawn Brown chose to work with the chibi anime style, not just because it’s adorable, but to have it resonate and connect with your inner child. Surprisingly, these sweet looking cards hold planetary alignments, the Tree of Life, of course angels, and whatever else the seeker can find. As expected, the deck comes with a nice booklet outlining ways to use the deck, and interpretations for each of the cards.

If you’re looking for a playful oracle deck that can potentially pack a wallop, “Chibi Anime Angel Cards” are not be missed.

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