This Blog Post Brought to You By…

For those of you who follow the exciting world of “tech” news, you may have been hearing a lot of noise about how on December 1, 2009 The Federal Trade Commission will require bloggers and celebrities to clearly state when they receive cash or “payment in kind” for endorsing a company’s products or services. This seemed as good of time as any to let you in on how I, and in turn The Magical Buffet, operate. Prepare to probably not be surprised.

As of this moment, The Magical Buffet generates no revenue. We have no paid advertisers, we don’t charge for access to the site (and we never will), and I am not compensated monetarily by anyone for the enchanting articles that I write (but if someone wants to pay me, email me!). In truth, I actually lose money every month creating this wonderous thing you see before you. That said, this unpaid gig is not without its perks.

First, I get to interact with all kinds of awesome people. Have you had an email exchange with Oberon Zell-Ravenheart or Steve Kenson? You know who has? This lady. Also, instead of being “polite” and not talking about politics or religion, I get to do that whenever I want. Take THAT “polite society”! Lastly, I get sent review copies of books and DVDs.

I know from time to time I mention in my reviews that the thing I’m talking about was sent to me by the publisher or distributor, but I don’t always clearly state that fact. Just in case you didn’t know, the books and DVDs I review are given to me in the hopes that I review them.

Here’s the shocker. Stuff that gets reviewed on this website is all stuff I genuinely like. In fact, I had toyed with setting up a website that I wanted to call “Shit Rebecca Likes”. Instead, you poor souls have to put up with hearing about shit I like between articles and interviews from actual professionals. When I started doing reviews I made the conscious decision to only write reviews for things I like and that I think my readers will like. So yes, that means that there is stuff that I get sent that never makes it onto the website, and I’m drunk with the power. Drunk I say!

I’m not anticipating an FTC crackdown on The Magical Buffet, in fact, I’m fairly certain the FTC will never know that I, or my little website that could, even exist. However, it is fair to let people know that hey, I didn’t pay for this book that I’m reviewing. So, um, hey, I haven’t paid for any of the books that I’ve reviewed, but I’ve only reviewed the books and movies that I liked, I’m all moral like that.

And that my friends will probably be the only time I’ll be described anywhere, by anyone, as moral.