The Enchanted Love Tarot

Like most people who read this website, I love tarot decks. Today I have a beautiful, whimsical, romantic deck to share, “The Enchanted Love Tarot: The Lover’s Guide to Dating, Mating, and Relating” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. There is a lot to unpack with this deck, so let’s dive in.

“The Enchanted Love Tarot” is based on a traditional tarot deck, except it has been shot by Cupid’s arrow. You have the major arcana, but the minor arcana are roses (as fire, action, batons, wands, or clubs), wings (as air, ideas, swords, or spades), shells (as water, emotions, cups, or hearts), and gems (as earth, resources, coins, or pentacles). The romance factor is amped way up by the beautiful collage art by Amy Zerner. As per usual, Red Feather Mind, Body Spirit has done a fantastic job packaging this deck. An attractive, oversized, cardboard box with a magnetic closure houses the accompanying book, a 163 full color pages in a trade paperback that fits into the box perfectly. My only picky complaint is that the card stock is rather flimsy. It does make the deck easier to shuffle, but I do worry about its durability.

The book that comes with the deck provides so much more than your usual card meanings and suggested card spreads (although it does have them). The author, Monte Farber, is the husband to the deck’s artist, Amy Zerner, and their marriage inspire the deck and book. So included in the book are love spells and “The ABCs of True Love”.

If you want to take a lovey dovey tarot journey, “The Enchanted Love Tarot” is THE deck for you!

You can learn more here.