Tarot for the Fiction Writer

So darn many of you expressed an interest in this book when I shared it on social media, and you were all right to be excited. “Tarot for the Fiction Writer: How 78 Cards Can Take You From Idea to Publication” by Paula Chaffee Scardamalia was I book I had been anxiously anticipating.

First off, Scardamalia has been featured on our website in the past. Obviously, this makes me partial to following her projects. Also, I had the pleasure of having dinner with her once where we talked shop. Let me tell you, she is intelligent, supportive, and brimming with inspiration and ideas for others. She is one of the few personal coaches I’ve ever met that I think could truly make a difference in their client’s lives. She’s an amazing lady.

Then I get my grubby little hands on “Tarot for the Fiction Writer”. It is a beautiful, full color, hardcover book featuring images from Ciro Marchetti’s “Legacy of the Divine Tarot” and “Tarot Grand Luxe” decks as well as Robert Place’s “Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery” deck. It even has a built-in ribbon bookmark! This is easily the most attractive book I’ve seen from Schiffer Publishing.

Now here is the truly delightful surprise of “Tarot for the Fiction Writer”. You don’t need to be a fiction writer to get something out of this book. Let me clear, this book absolutely and clearly shows the similarities of the tarot and a story, and how you can use the tarot to inspire and navigate the storytelling process. The surprising twist is, in doing that you learn more about the tarot itself. If you love stories, Scardamalia’s methodology brings a new angle to learning the tarot cards.

You can learn more here.

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