Profile: Northern New York Paranormal Research Society

Text provided by Northern New York Paranormal Research Society

The Northern New York Paranormal Research Society (NNYPRS) was founded in 2001 to provide assistance to people experiencing paranormal activity. NNYPRS will investigate all claims of paranormal activity, from hauntings to UFO sightings to cryptozoological claims. With a combined 60 + years of experience researching all facets of the metaphysical world, NNYPRS is a team of professionals that work with their clients until they are satisfied. NNYPRS does not charge for their work, however, donations are graciously accepted.

In 2001, Merrill McKee, President and co-founder met Dale, Vice-President and co-founder began talking about the need for a team in Northern New York who could help people who were troubled by the seemingly paranormal activities in their homes. In May, they found a couple of friends that were also interested, and formed NNYPRS. Soon after, Merrill met Dave Zirpoli, from Albany . NY, who seemed very interested in joining the team, even though he lived three hours away. After 2 years of joining Merrill and Dale for investigations, as well as finding places in the Albany area to research, Dave was promoted to Capitol Region Team Leader, and a second team was formed based out of Albany, NY. From that point forward, although membership has been ever changing, these 3 individuals have led NNYPRS to a 20 person Investigative team, on numerous investigations, and in gathering a plethora of paranormal data.

What sets NNYPRS apart from most paranormal investigative groups out there is their 2 sided approach to investigations. Many groups only use scientific tools and methods, while others only take a metaphysical approach to the research. NNYPRS marries both sides in a way no other team has been able to do. All investigations are conducted with an open mind and no preconceived notions on whether or not the activity is or isn’t really happening. Because of this, NNYPRS is able to look at all data collected objectively, which enables them to determine if there are natural or supernatural explanations.

Confidentiality is one of NNYPRS highest priorities. All of our clients names, addresses, etc. will be protected and not used in any publications or media releases without their permission. NNYPRS will not come to your home with three large vans with our logos and names painted on the side. Neighbors will believe you are just having some regular company.

NNYPRS performs all of it’s investigations free of charge. The vast majority of our equipment has been paid for my our member’s monthly dues. Donations are accepted and most clients are more than happy to donate to us once we are finished with our investigation. As of right now, NNYPRS is in need of approximately $7000.00 worth of major and minor equipment. Most investigations we perform cost significantly more than the donation given. So, obviously any public donations are very greatly appreciated.

For people who have had odd experiences and have no one to talk to, NNYPRS is there. To contact the team, you can go to their website at or by e-mail at Finally, you can call Merrill at (518) 651-4315.