The Make Up of a Buru

Article by Rebecca
Image by Will Hobbs (

What’s fun about cryptozoology are the lists of “What is the creature, really?” This month it has: is it a lizard? Is it a crocodile? Is it a lungfish?! For me, and cryptozoology fans, it’s a buru.

The buru is a large lizard that allegedly terrorized or annoyed, depending on whom you talk to, the people of northeast India. They are described as looking like a monitor lizard. Essentially a twenty-four foot aquatic version of a Komodo dragon. This described appearance is why many believe it to be something from the crocodile family.

It is said that those who lived in the area of the burus drained all the marshes in an attempt to make the land inhospitable to them. Apparently, it worked well, because no one has been able to provide physical evidence of the creature, although there are some fossils that have been found that could potentially belong to the creature. Despite the marshes being drained, occasionally a sighting will occur. This is why some relate the buru with the lungfish, a creature known for its ability to survive at the bottom of lakes during the dry seasons.

Of course, none of the known creatures that people have tried to link the buru to can explain reports of the buru’s cries, which sound like a hoarse bellow.