Case Study: Metroplex Paranormal Investigations

August 04, 2007
Private Residence
Gainesville, TX.

We decided to invite a new group in North Texas along with us on the investigation. This group was PRINT from Greensville, TX.

Investigators present:
Gordon Joswiak, Jr.
Mary Leigh
Robert Isaacks
Terri Schyner
Cynthia Rice
Johnny Snyder
Wayne Kenemore
Vicki Isaacks
Rob Martin
Shawn Newton
Pam Gardner
Rita Louise (psychic)
Cody Bertrand (psychic)
Chad, Nez and Wendy from PRINT

Equipment used by Metroplex:
Dr. Gauss EMF meters
Trifield meter
ELF meter
SPER Scientific meter
Cell sensors
Minolta Freedom zoom 115 camera (35mm)
Olympus FE-100 4.0 megapixel Digital Camera
Kodak Digital Camera EasyShare DX4900
Sony SLR Camera
Nikon D80 Digital camera
Canon D440 6mp Digital Camera
CEM DT-8810 Infrared Thermometer
Raytek ST20 XB thermometer
Radioshack IR thermometer
Dual infrared non contact thermometer with air probe
GE 3-5027 Shoebox audio recorder/player
Sony ICD B-300 digital voice recorder
Sony ICD P320 Digital Recorder
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-2000
Olympus DS-330 digital voice recorder
RCA 64M digital voice recorder
Sherrill Digital Compass
Bushnell NightHawk Infrared Viewer
QuadCAM DVR Clover Standalone 4Channel w/17″ Monitor
2 IR-0 LUX Cameras Lorex Model SG6117
2 IR-0 LUX Cameras CCTV
2 Wireless Cameras
1 Pinhole (Unobtrusive) Camera
1 9V LG Housing Camera
Assorted Sony nightshot camcorders

Arrived at property at approx. 7pm. Met with homeowners and PRINT paranormal. Took tour of house and outside property.
Took baseline EMF and temperature readings
Psychics did a walk through
Took digital and analog still photos inside and out
Unpacked stationary equipment and set it up to run.
Turned on stationary equipment and swept location with EMF meters and thermometers throughout the night. Also continued taking still photographs. Started recorders for EVP.
Left property at approx.7am.

After approximately 3 weeks, all still photographs have been re-viewed with no results.
All video has been reviewed and we may possibly have an orb in motion which is moving quickly enough to leave a contrail. Although this has been sent to homeowner, we have not validated this piece of evidence yet. It does not appear to be a bug. It is moving very
quickly and seems to have a flight pattern. It is not dust due to the lack of air circulation in the house.
There were no unusual EMF or temperature readings.
Based on the piece of video from us and the photograph and EVP’s recorded by PRINT, we feel that this location does have paranormal activity.

About Metroplex Paranormal Investigations

Metroplex Paranormal Investigations was formed in June, 2001 to investigate claims of paranormal activity. We are a group of open-minded professionals who seek to either confirm the existence of paranormal activity or explain it through research and analysis by collecting scientific data.

Our primary focus is to attempt to validate or explain the experiences that you have had. We do not specialize on getting rid of the activity but we can connect you with those that can, should you request that.

Located in the Dallas, Texas area, we offer professional no fee investigations for private homes and businesses and we also investigate the occasional urban legend.

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