Freeze! It’s the Vice Squad!

On November 13, 2007 news sources began releasing the list of moral vices that had been debuted in Iran.  I tried to dig up what would be a 100% full and accurate list of these vices, but unfortunately I can’t read Persian!  Here’s the jist of what we’re looking at:

Terrorising people by quarrelling and feuding in public

Women failing to cover up in a suitable way, such as wearing short trousers revealing the leg, hats intead of scarves, small and skinny scarves that do not cover up the head, and make-up that is unconventional and violates public morality

Wearing decadent Western clothes and displaying signs and insignia of deviant groups

Procuring decadent films

Procuring alcohol and drugs

(List from BBC News, who cites E’temad Newspaper as their source.  The BBC has people that speak Persian!)

So what does this list mean you ask?  According to Arabian Business the list is part of an ongoing "moral crackdown".  The article states that "police have raided underground parties, seized satelite dishes and conducted street checks on the improperly dressed."  And that "Between April and October police warned 122,000 people, mostly women, about flouting dress codes, of which almost 7,000 attended classes on respecting the rules."

Iran has Islam as its state religion.  This post isn’t anti Islam, it’s against the idea of state or national religions entirely.  Religion and government have no reason to be mingling.  Why not?  Well, in America I can spend all weekend on the couch watching "Mythbusters" and no one comes into my home to bust me for Sloth.