Yoga Cats

It’s easy to dismiss “Yoga Cats” as just a fun gift for cat and/or yoga lovers, but there’s more to it than that. Don’t get me wrong, “Yoga Cats” would in fact be a great gift for yoga and cat lovers, but let’s look into it a little bit more, shall we?

“Yoga Cats” is a set of 44 cards featuring the fantastic photography of Daniel Morris and the writing of Alison DeNicola. Each card has a photo of an adorable cat doing a yoga pose, the cat’s name, and a thought to reflect upon. I chose Pip to share with you. Pip is doing the Reverse Triangle Variation. The Triangle Pose is my favorite yoga pose, and Pip here is doing the closest version of it to be found in the deck. So here we have Pip, who is super cute, doing the yoga pose, and telling you, “Your intentions are powerful, use them wisely.”

I'm your instructor Pip.

I'm your instructor Pip.

If you look Pip up in the companion book that comes with the deck you get a little info about Pip and what he’s doing. Then there are instructions on how to do his pose, and also some exploration of his message.

This makes “Yoga Cats” a great daily oracle and/or a fantastic yoga pose a day deck. Also, let’s be honest. It’s also just fun the thumb through the deck looking at the amusing cats. All together “Yoga Cats” makes a great, multi-purpose deck that just about anyone could find useful.

You can learn more here.