Wicca: Plain & Simple

There are like a gazillion Wicca/Witchcraft for beginner type books out there. It’s a subject that is not in short supply of being discussed. So when I got a review copy of “Wicca, Plain & Simple” by Leanna Greenaway my response was, I’m sure this doesn’t suck, but I’m not going to bother. However I then noticed that it contained a foreword from Judika Illes, of whom I’m a huge fan, and I was like, guess I’m reading this book now! And so I read it.

And I was impressed. “Wicca, Plain & Simple” is a compact 127 pages, but I’ll be damned if Leanna Greenaway doesn’t manage to hit all the bases and more. Greenaway highlights the flexibility of Wicca and gives readers an amazing sampling of all the magical arts a modern Witch may have interest in, along with the variety of tools they’ll need. She manages to handily condense modern Wiccan ethics and philosophy and highlights them throughout the book.

Now, just like all the “Plain & Simple” books, this one has the tagline line, “The Only Book You’ll Ever Need”. This is absolutely not true. Once the beginning Witch reads “Wicca, Plain & Simple” they will have a road map to follow to pursue whatever Witchcraft paths they wish. “Wicca, Plain & Simple” by Leanna Greenaway is a great for those interested in starting the Wiccan journey, but certainly not necessary for the more established practitioner.

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