Crystals: Plain & Simple

Anyone that has been reading The Magical Buffet for a while knows that I love me those rocks, minerals, and gemstones. Generally they’re beautiful AND loads of people attribute benefits to having them, whether wearing them, charging water with them, or meditating with them. If I can have something pretty that might help with something, why the heck not I say.

That brings us to the latest book on crystals that I’ve read, “Crystals: Plain & Simple” by Cass and Janie Jackson. Red Wheel Weiser has been releasing a crap ton of books in the “Plain & Simple” series and honestly, I want to read them all! They cover topics as varied as runes, reincarnation, totems, numerology, and just about everything else. And they’re all in this compact paperback format that fits easily into your purse. I can’t be the only one who always has a book in their purse, can I? Enough about that, let’s talk about “Crystals”.

There are two amazing things about this book. One, it’s 135 pages long and doesn’t seem that long at all. Two, authors Cass and Janie Jackson crammed a lot if information in this book. Way more than 135 pages worth of info. They do a wonderful job of covering more bases than I was expecting. They guide you through shopping for crystals, how to clean and care for your crystals, and how to store them. You’ll also learn about prominent crystals from history and folklore. Then you get to the main event which is exploring individual crystals: their characteristics, their uses, and assorted correspondences.

If I have any criticism it’s just one, there are no color images of the crystals. I’m all for learning, but crystals are pretty and I wouldn’t mind some glossy, full color crystal porn in this, and any other book, about crystals. Just sayin’…..

“Crystals: Plain & Simple” says on the cover, “The Only Book You’ll Ever Need”. This book would provide an excellent base to start your journey learning about crystals, but it is a strong enough book that it could be the only one you’ll ever need.

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Pssst……just as an aside, I’m already reading ANOTHER book about crystals. I love them so! Hopefully I’ll have that review for you soonish.