2016 and Beyond

I think most people agree, 2016 blew chunks. Sure, lot of good things happened last year, but the overall take on 2016 is that it was a garbage fire of global proportions. Don’t feel bad, it was shitty over here at The Buffet as well.

It couldn’t have gone unnoticed that I posted a nearly nonexistent amount in 2016. That’s because, as we’ve all observed, 2016 stunk. Many of you know that I’ve been struggling with a daily headache for about 5 years. That’s exactly what it sounds like, roughly 5 years ago I woke up with a headache and it has never gone away. Some days it’s kind of mild, most days it’s fairly strong, and sometimes it’s just full on unbearable. In 2016 I just kind of shut down with it. Most days I use up all my energy just going to work and so when I come home, or it’s the weekend, I just don’t want to do anything. Fortunately I have an understanding group of friends, and family, that understand that I’m just not as active as I used to be and don’t take it personally that I’m home more than out. Sadly, this meant that I pretty much ignored The Magical Buffet.

As I type this, over 2000 emails sit in The Magical Buffet’s email inbox going unread. I have no content immediately ready to post. I’ve gone to no events and with my health and finances, I’m uncertain if I’ll be going to any this year. It’s been unfair to a lot of people: loyal readers, fantastic publishers and publicists that have supported me, and most of all, it’s been unfair to myself. Although I don’t consider myself much of a writer, I enjoy The Magical Buffet and I love getting to share things I like with its readers.

So with this new year I’m going to do my best to fight my instincts to just stay shut down and instead attempt to slowly trudge forward and reconnect with The Magical Buffet. I have piles of awesome books and products you should know about and I have been learning some new stuff that I would like to share. I just want to thank everyone that is still subscribed to the site and following The Magical Buffet on Facebook and Twitter. I’m hoping to soon have The Buffet on Instagram too! I also want to say a special “thank you” to Inner Traditions and Red Wheel/Weiser who have continued sending me great books to look at even when I haven’t been active.

Hopefully 2017 will be a good year, a better year for all of us. I think we all need each other more than ever so let’s be good to each other, okay?

And stay tuned….