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The website – – launched in July of this year. We have over 100 members between our sites. Most of our members are from within the United States, but we also have members from New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Morocco, The Netherlands, Finland, Australia and Columbia.

The organization was inspired by two great ladies – Janice Oberding and Dee Disparti.

I would like to introduce these ladies and explain what parts they played in the formation of the organization.

First, let me introduce Janice Oberding.

You probably recognize her from her experiences with the media, which includes numerous radio and TV interviews and appearances, consulting for the History Channel, Living TV, The Travel Channel and Fox Television. She is also a noted author of fine books such as Haunted Nevada, Ghosthunters Guide to Virginia City and Haunted Gold and Silver. She is a speaker, historian, researcher, paranormal investigator, has done many classes and is very knowledgeable in the paranormal field.

It was this post by Janice that initially set wolfpaww into motion.

“Recently I received a bulletin about The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women. I jumped on it, reposted and requested an add. Why? Because I’m damn sick and tired of being a shadow woman. Oh I know, we’ve heard and read lots of stuff about shadow people, but it seems to me that the paranormal world is filled with shadow women.

SHADOW WOMEN are the women who work, research and investigate in this field and get overlooked again and again and again. Think not? How many notables (revered, famous whatever ya wanna call it) can you name in the paranormal? Now how many of those people are women? Why is that? I’ve been in this field over 40 years YES people, 40 years! Before you say, “oh man, she’s old.” Let me ask you this—”Did you say that about the men who’ve also been in the field for decades and decades?” Just take a moment to look at some of the conferences, talks, shows, retreats whatever ya wanna call them that are being advertised on the internet…How many of their notable speakers are men? What’s the problem here? Are women not competent enough paranormal researchers? Do we not present well? Can we not entertain and inform our audiences? Perhaps there aren’t enough of us in the field? Or is a certain amount of sexism and good ole’ boyism creeping into this field? Think not? Start surfing some of the paranormal sites here and be sure to read the comments. Are you impressed?

If you’re a woman you may be just the teeniest bit offended. Good! That’s how good old boyism works—you’re offended so you’ll sneak into the shadows and be quiet.

Now you may be thinking, “what can you do? You’re just one old woman!” Well I’ll tell ya what I’m gonna do AND if your tired of it, I suggest you do the same! I will not spend one more nickel on a book, conference, retreat, get together, video in which good old boyism seems to be going on…If you practice good ole boyism don’t expect me to shell out my hard earned cash to support your endeavors.”
It’s all very sad, but true. Women do contribute just as much, if not more, to the paranormal field as our male counterparts and we are forgotten for the most part. It seems as if women in the paranormal field are more likely to be the subject of attacks by skeptics as well. Take Noreen Renier for example. She is a noted psychic who has worked with police departments in many states with unsolved cases on several occasions, with one writer who decided to make it his personal agenda to distroy her and her credibility. But he isn’t the only male writer to try and do so, and she isn’t the only woman. You don’t see these writers trying to distroy any of the male psychics the way they do the women. Another thing, and this has always been, not only in the paranormal field, but in all fields, is the pay that women receive for guest appearances at male dominated conferences. Do you think the organizers of conferences would pay a woman $10,000.00 per appearance, as they do with males, such as Grant and Jason from TAPS?? Of course they don’t!! It’s that good old battle of the sexes that has very much expanded into the paranormal field.

Next, I’d like to introduce you to Dee Disparti.

Like Janice, Dee has been the subject of many interviews with newpapers, has worked with various production crews and appeared on TV programs, both here and internationally. She has been involved in the filming of documentaries, has written articles for newspapers and is currently in the process of authoring a book on hauntings. She has been a featured guest on radio and currently is hosting her own radio show, Paranormal Perceptions, on Blogtalk Radio.

She is a gifted Medium and a Reiki practitioner. She holds classes and lectures on meditation, spirituality, dowsing and the use of pendulums. Dee is a sought after speaker for conferences. Along with all of this, she does tea leaf and private readings, as well.

I have had the pleasure to work with Dee on many investigations. She uses her gifts to help resolve experiences some people find hard to explain. She teaches some to help themselves and their loved ones who have passed on. Often she is actively able to help those who have passed to have a successful transition to the afterlife.
Her love for photography, combined with her abilities to communicate with the other side has enabled her to take some outstanding paranormal pictures. She credits her grandmother as being responsible for educating her on how to utilize some of her abilities. She, too, taught Dee the ancient art of dowsing and the usage of pendulums.

I had mentioned Janice’s wonderful blog to her and she totally agreed that women are not given enough credit for what they do. It was at her suggestion that I start my own organization. She had been pushing and prodding me in this direction for quite some time, all in a nice way of course, as she knows it’s the only way to get me to do things sometimes. After many discussions with both Janice and Dee, wolfpaww was born.
Our website hosts blog pages from Janice Oberding, Dee Disparti and Margot Marrakesh. We offer paranormal news, health and nutrition, fun and shopping pages. We also offer sites that anyone can join – The Ghost Den, Haunt Seekers, Haunt Seekers Forum and GHOPS. As with all new organizations, we are going through the growth process at this time.
Our goal is to eventually expand further by bringing to the paranormal world all female conventions,
conferences and meetings, giving us a chance to rise above and shine. We are also working towards establishing a link of women in the field world wide to help support each other. It would be great if a member visits a place and would be able to contact a friend in that area they have met on the site to go explore haunts with.

Author Bio
Lisa Olive is the founder/owner of a new site for women – wolfpaww – which stands for “Women’s Organization Looking For Paranormal Activity World Wide.” It was formed by women for women in the paranormal field, with an agenda to let the paranormal world know that we are out there and we are tired of being put on the back burner, sort of speak. We believe that it’s time we stood up for ourselves.