Natural Remedies for Inflammation

Inflammation has been in the news lately thanks to a study out of the University of Toronto that showed evidence of brain inflammation during episodes of depression. However even before that, celebrity watchers were familiar with the concept of battling inflammation by reading about Anne Hathaway’s anti-inflammatory diet that she ate in preparation for her role as Catwoman. So at this point you’ve got to be wondering, what the hell is the deal with inflammation and how does one deal with it? You know I wouldn’t type out the question if I wasn’t prepared to offer you some kind of answer.

Healing Arts Press offers “Natural Remedies for Inflammation” by Christopher Vasey, N.D. Vasey does an excellent job describing inflammation and the different ways it can affect the body. As you can tell from the fact that we’re still discovering things that may be linked to inflammation, it’s still hard to say exactly what can or can’t be directly linked to inflammation. Yet Vasey highlights and explains many things that if inflammation isn’t the sole cause, it plays a large role in the malady. Arthritis, eczema, tendonitis, and gout are all characterized by inflammation.

Then Vasey dives in to discuss how anti-inflammatories work and how you need to decide if you want to block pro-inflammatory prostaglandins or increase anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. From there it’s a discussion of diet, plants, and supplements. (As we’ve recently learned, be sure you’re using plant sourcing and supplements you can trust.)

Of course what always impresses me with these types of natural remedy books is when they’re not afraid of traditional Western medicine. Frequently when describing conditions Vasey says you should see a doctor, or advises speaking with your physician before starting certain supplements. I personally tend to use a blend of Western and holistic/alternative medicine so I appreciate it when authors of natural remedy books don’t look down on Western medicine. Just like when I discuss alternative medicine with my physicians I expect them to listen to me, not just blow me off.

Anyone interested in learning about inflammation, how it works, and more importantly, ways to stop it, should absolutely grab a copy of “Natural Remedies for Inflammation” by Christopher Vasey, N.D.