Listening to DemonWars

Fantasy fans! Roleplaying gamers! Geeks! Lend me, and, your ears! For I have news people!

Some of you may have heard of author R.A. Salvatore, well known fantasy writer perhaps best known for his “Forgotten Realms” novels (which is a setting for the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons). If not, now you have. He’s kind of a big deal in certain circles. Well keep following me. He also wrote a series of books referred to as the DemonWars Saga. It’s two trilogies bridged by a single book, “Mortalis”. The Saga is Book 1: “The Demon Awakens”; Book 2: “The Demon Spirit”; Book 3: “The Demon Apostle”; Book 4: “Mortalis”; Book 5: “Ascendance”; Book 6: “Transcendence”; Book 7: “Immortalis”. The Saga has an accompanying roleplaying game called “Demon Wars”. It’s hard to summarize 7 books so here’s the link to its Wikipedia entry if you’re interested.

Now the big news is that recently there has been the release on of “The Education of Brother Thaddius and Other Tales of DemonWars” by R.A. Salvatore. These are three stories that surround the DemonWars Saga. According to

“Mather’s Blood” takes place before the start of the DemonWars Saga and tells of the ranger Mather Wyndon, uncle of Elbryan, a central figure in DemonWars.

“A Song For Sadye” offers new insights into the life of the bard, Sadye, who plays an important role in the second DemonWars half of the DemonWars Saga.

“The Education of Brother Thaddius” picks up the DemonWars story immediately following “Immortalis”, the last book of DemonWars, and opens the door for the next saga in the world of Corona. First printed in the DemonWars: Reformation Core Rule Book, “The Education of Brother Thaddius” highlights the troubles in the in Abellican Church, battered by the De’Unneran Heresy and struggling to survive in a world ravaged by wars and demons.

And in case you weren’t excited, guess who is reading these? Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day! If not THE King and Queen of Geeks, they are certainly our royalty. I know what you’re wondering. What does THAT sound like?

“The Education of Brother Thaddius and Other Tales of DemonWars” is for sale now on