73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

Vogue magazine regularly does these fast paced 73 question interview videos. Obviously I don’t share them all on The Magical Buffet. Honestly I don’t even watch them all myself. However I was a bit intrigued when “73 Questions with Victoria Beckham” popped up in my inbox. I thought there might be potential considering Victoria’s long, winding and intertwining path with popular culture. She was a Spice Girl, managed to marry one of the only soccer players Americans had ever heard of and an icon in England, David Beckham, and pulled off what some thought would be impossible, became a respected fashion designer.

What I had not counted on was Beckham having such an amazing wit. Some of her answers were just too much fun. I’ll admit, some were pretty obvious, and few made her come off a bit, snobbish maybe, but when she hits her groove I’m suddenly thinking, “I want to get sloppy drunk on Cosmos with this bitch and hear ALL the dirt on the London scene.”

For those of you who are curious, you can spend 6 minutes with Victoria Beckham right here.