Moonlight Tarot’s Question Corner: Mystical Answers to Mundane Inquiries

By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC Your 21st Century Relationship Psychic

Newly in love, and wondering where the relationship is headed, this months’ Querent, pseudonym Jessica, wants to focus on developments in love and romance.

Like so many of us modern gals, I have the sense that Jessica’s attention is diffused into different obligations. To use an analogy her focus is like a television screen with a scene set for love and romance that is flickering as if bad weather were interfering with the signal. Her focus on either current or future love interest is being interfered with by attention being divided, and that when the signals for love and attraction start to surface, something is getting in the way and cutting out the signal. I feel like this relates to more than having a busy schedule, and that there are beliefs or fears that cut in on the signal before the connection has an opportunity to grow as strong as it could. This is a common pattern for women who feel divided between career and family interests.

The cards for your reading are the 7 of Pentacles, reversed, 8 of Wands, and the Chariot, also numbered 7. The fact that 7 repeats indicates Jessica has reached a personal plateau and is receptive to making changes that would invite romance from a place of feeling confident The number 7 indicates progress and momentum that begins to slow down. If in a relationship already this refers to the onset of monotony and routine that can make it difficult to add zest and passion and keep the embers glowing. The first card being reversed suggests old patterns or an influence conflict in a recent relationship that continue to feel in some ways like a burden. It feels like relationships have become a matter of work for some reason or there is an overlap between romance and the workplace- but moreso that workplace obligations and chores have overcome love life. This feels connected to either a recent relationship or recent phase in relationship in which Jessica was doing the majority of the heavy lifting. It doesn’t feel like this issue is quite resolved-either this person is still in present in Jessica’s life or that if this relationship has ended conflict that arose is still presenting as a burden, even on a subconscious level, influencing her ability to move forward. Jessica feels mortgaged to a past relationship and need to either “refinance or sell the house.”

The 8 of Wands suggests growth and progress brought about by keeping an open mind and considering numerous prospects. At the same time however I feel that attention is being pulled in numerous directions that make it difficult to focus on relationships. Many projects underway may take extra effort to keep romance growing or to make it a priority.

Finally the last card is the Chariot which is a very significant card because it speaks to personal growth and development. It echoes the message of feeling stuck in your advancement. I feel like a commitment is eluding Jessica and that is causing stagnation. Jessica is approaching a significant threshold and have a commitment or choice to make but need full conviction in order to make it- and this is something that is not yet solid. A past solid foundation has been damaged and this impacts her sense of stability in romance. Jessica’s soul is calling for integration to move forward. The focus needs to be brought into resolving issues from the past so that closure will free her to make progress as an individual land commit Jessica must resolve to be fully ready for inviting new energy, new awakenings and new passion which means committing to not live in the past and future at the same time.

Best of luck to Jessica and remember no matter where you are in love we could all benefit from sharpening our focus and allowing ourselves to live in the present moment where Tarot readings are intended for entertainment only, but wisdom of Spirit is timeless.

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This month’s Tarot reading was conducted using the traditional Rider Waite deck. For more information on this deck, please visit This deck was created by A.E Waite and Pamela Colman Smith and is currently under copyright by US Games Inc, 2012-14.

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