Draw strength from Diana, the beloved Roman huntress. Channel your anger wisely with help from the Hawaiian fire goddess Pele. Consult Anuket for prosperity. The Goddess Inspiration Oracle makes it easy for women to tap into the sacred wisdom of these powerful deities.

Renowned for her superb goddess-themed artwork, Kris Waldherr has created a simple, visually stunning oracle deck for accessing the divine feminine. From Abeona to Zhinu, eighty goddesses from across the globe are represented in this classically ornate deck. Each card features a striking watercolor portrait of a deity, her attributes, and a message inspired by her unique story. It’s an ideal instrument for creating affirmations, sparking creativity, gaining fresh perspectives, and uncovering insights related to health, love, creativity, motherhood, and other issues specific to women.

The enclosed guide offers in-depth descriptions of each goddess, keywords associated with her, and practical suggestions for working with the cards.

To learn more, visit: www.llewellyn.com.

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