1. How did “The Witchin’ Hour” come into existence?
The truth is, about 7 years ago in my home area of Norwich, CT I got pissed off watching someone on a public access show bash witchcraft and lie about what the symbol of my faith meant and so having got to the point of my give a damn being busted I marched down to the studio and demanded equal time to clear up the lies I had heard and (gasp) they gave it to me. I had to go thru training first but that’s how The Witchin’ Hour was born….you can’t make this kind of stuff up fact is stranger than fiction!!!!

2. If our readers would like to see “The Witchin’ Hour” where they live, what can they do?
E-mail me at rapidfreeman@yahoo.com. If you are willing to go to your access studio I’m willing to send them tapes .

3. You follow the Cabot Tradition. Can you tell our readers a little bit about it?
Yes, the Cabot tradition was founded by Dame Laurie E. Cabot. It is a no nonsense approach to witchcraft, breaking the craft into three parts: the science, the art, and the religion of witchcraft it can be traced back to Kent, England and it just works for me!!! (RAPID ADDS TWO SHAMELESS PLUGS) If you want to learn more you should buy Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot and watch Witchin’ Hour tv.

4. What made it the right path for you?
Laurie herself. At first she is the kind of person you can’t help but love and the way the teachings of the Cabot tradition are just make perfect sense to me. The people of the temple have over many years have become my family. The Cabot temple is now and will always be my home.

5. Who has been your favorite interview and why?
I’ve interviewed about every known witch on earth at this point so its hard to pick just one, and i love these people for all kinds of different reason. So I’ll have to say all of them !!!! Maxine Sanders gave me hope that one day craft unity could happen as a life long witch i want to see that more than words. Raymond Buckland was an honor for me because as a male witch he was always one of my heroes in the craft and he carries himself with a pride that the horned god is given glory with his every word or laugh. I love Ray. Laurie Cabot of course is my heart. She has become like a mother to me, her teachings have helped me beat alcohol (I’ve been sober for over 8 years now) she is my guiding light and my true north. I love her more than words but everyone’s time and knowledge has meant so much to me.

6. Who would you like to interview that you haven’t gotten to yet?
I’ve interviewed almost all the elders of the craft, some of them more than once. This is going to shock most people but G.W. Bush Jr. because I would not let that man off the hook. I’d call him on the carpet about the war, the treatment of my pagan brothers and sisters both at home and in the service. 2nd choice Sully of godsmack or I’d like to get Stevie Nicks to admit she’s a pagan and get it over with!!!!! It’s not like we don’t all know it Stevie!!!!!

7. This has become kind of a standard question, but I’m always interested in the varied and sometimes similar answers. What challenges do you feel face the Wiccan/Pagan community, and how do you suggest overcoming those challenges?
My goddess? How many pages does your webpage have? I think the number 1 challenge is ourselves. We need to keep our standards high when it comes to personal honor. We need to know when to speak up as well if something is a truth it’s a truth if it’s a lie than it’s a lie and we can not let others define us we must define us! And stand up for the truth.

8. Our readers may not realize, but you’re also a tattoo artist. What is your favorite tattoo on you, and what is your favorite that you have done on someone else?
On myself that’s a two way tie. My 3rd degree mark on my forehead for my commitment to the temple and the gods and the name Cabot on my neck that has the spiral off Laurie’s face for the O in Cabot. It is the first thing anyone sees when they look me in the face, it underlines my deep love for Laurie and in my mind it really says mom!!!

On someone else anything that “outs someone as a witch by choice”. It is a great thing to be part of it’s an honor to be part of that choice. Then its not really a tattoo anymore its a birthmark!

9. If someone made your life into a movie, who would be cast as Rapid?
Sully from godsmack. He’s a Cabot. He acts and he would understand the choices I’ve made in my life. Yes sully would be the one!!!!

10. Parting shot! Ask us here at The Magical Buffet any one question?
Do you need a 3rd degree priest on your staff? I believe in what you’re doing and i want to help. Also because I’m a pushy TV Host. What was in the bread you had at the covenstead? The c.o.c. loved it!!!!

The Magical Buffet doesn’t currently have a staff. We’re still at the very beginnings of our quest for eventual global domination. However, we are always looking for new and interesting content for our readers. If anyone, including you Rapid, is interested in submitting an article, take a look here.

It’s funny that you guys liked that bread so much. To Jim and myself it tasted essentially like chocolate and sugar (perhaps not too bad after all). It was a zucchini orange chocolate chip loaf. I would share the recipe, but Jim and I were so under whelmed that we threw it out. Don’t worry, if you invite us over we have plenty of other yummy recipes to share!

About Rapid Freeman
Rapid Freeman is a Witchcraft Activist of Cherokee decent. He is the son of award winning photographer Rex “Big Bear” Freeman. Rapid is the producer and co-host of “The Witchin’ Hour” a Wiccan/Pagan TV Show that airs in parts of CT, MA, AND NOW NY!!!! The show is in its seventh year of broadcasting. For many years Rapid was an active I.R.P. for the CT chapter of the Witches Public Awareness League. He is now with Laurie Cabot’s Project Witches Protection. His magickal practices are based mostly on the writings of Dame Laurie Cabot from whom he is very proud to hold his third degree. He lives openly as a Witch and was previously seated on his town’s wetland commission as a” public witch” to protect his town’s wildlife and waterways. He also has helped local police understand matters involving witchcraft. A gifted tattoo artist, he is skilled in every aspect of ritual body modification. In Sept. 2007 He will be starting the Cabots of Connecticut Coven in Wallingford CT with a sister coven of the C.O.C. in Schenectady NY as well. His Goddess is Scathach. His heart first and foremost belongs to Laurie Cabot and the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft and that is where his loyality is totally, forever and without any apologies. When he’s not working Rapid enjoys playing with his cat Cricket! P.S. I love my cat Cricket more than words, black cats rule!!!

To learn more about Rapid, The Witchin’ Hour, and Laurie Cabot, visit www.lauriecabot.com and www.myspace.com/loyal2cabot.

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