The Yoga of Cleaning

What if I told you that you could combine yoga and cleaning? You’ll be happy to know it doesn’t involve contorting your body and then attempting to dust your ceiling fan. In fact, it’s not strange at all. Jennifer Carter Avgerinos, author of “The Yoga of Cleaning”, makes it seem fairly common sense, and like something you should start doing today.

How does someone end up in the position of being able to write a book bringing together the worlds of yoga and cleaning together? I found myself wondering that as I started to read “The Yoga of Cleaning”. I was amazed to learn that Avgerinos is not only a certified yoga instructor, but she has worked in the consumer packaged cleaning tools industry for the past several years. This indeed gives her a unique perspective on these two seemingly divergent topics.

Avgerinos talks about cleaning as karma yoga, or selfless service – “the desire to serve the divine in everything and become one with everything (yes, even the toilet).”, or cleaning as bhakti yoga or pure love and devotion, or cleaning as plain old healthy exercise. You don’t need to know how to do yoga to use or enjoy the book, and she does show the reader some basic poses. (Fun fact: Her husband, musician and longtime friend of The Buffet Paul Avgerinos is featured in the book doing all the poses!) She also discusses Ayurveda, a natural healing system from India, as it pertains to cleanliness, vatsu, which is an ancient architecture school that for the purposes of those who are not building their home from the ground up is being modified to a system of room design, how to make your own cleaning products, and more. For Averginos, the health you gain from yoga extends to the health of your home and vice versa.

Jennifer Carter Avgerinos has written a book that inspires you to create a healthier home and a healthier you. At $14.99 “The Yoga of Cleaning” is a book that should be in everyone’s home.