Moonlight Tarot’s Question Corner: Mystical Answers to Mundane Inquiries

By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

Fall is harvest time! In preparation for a very special gift for you, readers, I am revising the focus of this column to attune with the most popular topic for Tarot readings…Love!

This month’s Querent is a woman we will call Anna. Anna is gorgeous, friendly, and has a great sense of humor, yet like all of us she suffers the ups and downs of rollercoaster relationships. She asks if her boyfriend and she will be reuniting.

The initial guidance coming for Anna is not from the cards, but from a very significant spiritual presence that surrounds her. This figure appears as a woman in very bright white clothing-whose presence is very peaceful and healing- she appears as if carrying a Rosary and either Anna or this woman in her life would have had strong attachment to the Catholic faith or would have carried a Rosary. Anna is being guided to take a second look at this relationship as if it were not the best situation even though it may be what Anna wants. I also see a gavel coming down as if a judge were making a big decision or a verdict being reached. There is a lot of stillness/apprehension with this image- I feel like Anna is putting a great weight on this relationship so that it feels like other options are being excluded.

I get a sense of energy around the possible reunion in this relationship but it comes in faintly- as if to say there is a pulse but not a strong one. The cards drawn are the King of Swords- reversed, followed by the three of Cups, Lovers and the 7 of Swords. Yes I know that is 4 cards, not 3, but the King of Swords is a “Leaper” a card that “jumps” from the deck to signal the reading is ready to begin so I count it as holding significance.

I feel the reversal of the King of Swords shows a judgment about this past relationship that holds the man in a position that is not favorable to Anna. Either he has lost connection or for Anna and he are not on the same wavelength- he is out of touch, but I don’t sense that he is completely out of the picture.

The 3 of Cups and Lovers suggest to me that the potential for continued connection and renewal/reunion in this relationship is possible but I feel that efforts need to be made to bring about change in the relationship. If all continues as it was I don’t see this being a fulfilling situation.

The 7 of Swords suggests futility, wasted energy, and even a note of deceit or disappointment because of the lack of follow through on his part. This couple was brought together for important reasons, however it also feels like the “pulse” on this relationship is very weak I encourage Anna to proceed carefully, mindful of actions speaking louder than words. It feels like at first it would be a happy time, with excitement to have him back followed by a reminder of what went awry to begin with which will feel like a repetition of a self-sabotaging pattern from the past. I am a strong proponent of free will- so having stated this if such insight helps you to manage the relationship in a new way, open to possibilities but also aware of limitations, the outcome can be shaped by Anna’s actions and choices.

We all can benefit from Anna’s reading in an important way. By remembering free will, choice and the process of cultivating a relationship, we are reminded that partnerships are not just about whether someone is in our lives. A relationship is an active process involving effort and choice. All too often we subconsciously repeat old patterns, expect different results, and become frustrated as we watch history repeat itself.

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This month’s Tarot reading was conducted using the traditional Rider Waite deck. For more information on this deck, please visit This deck was created by A.E Waite and Pamela Colman Smith and is currently under copyright by US Games Inc, 2012-14.

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