10 More Questions with Sasha Graham

1. First, may we still refer to you as the Tarot Diva even though your latest tarot book is “365 Tarot Spreads” and not diva related?

Of course!

2. Your book launch party for “365 Tarot Spreads” was sponsored by Barrows Intense Ginger Liqueur. I’ve never heard of any tarot author getting sponsored by such a fabulous sounding sponsor. Tell us how the sponsorship came about and how the party went.

The innovator of Barrows Intense Ginger Liqueur is a good friend, Josh Morton. http://barrowsintense.com/ He’s enjoyed wild success with Barrows, throwing tastings around the country. Since I was planning on wine, cheese and snacks, I thought the Barrows would be a great addition. Plus, I liked having the magical energy of ginger on hand. It heated things up!

The party was glorious. I host lots of parties at my place in the mountains. I planned the evening like a garden party except it was at the event space of the fabulous Namaste Bookshop in NYC with tarot thrown in!

3. Why did you decide to do a book with 365 unique, different tarot spreads?

I thought about a daily spread book because I wanted to buy one. When I realized there wasn’t one out there, I knew I had to write it!! It was such a fun challenge to see if I could pull it off. Plus, tarot is a daily practice for so many readers, it seemed an obvious thing to write since it hadn’t been done.

4. On each day you highlight a piece of history that influenced what the spread for that day is. How did you decide what historical tidbit to use?

I had specific criteria as I pieced it together. First, I found all holidays. Then, I looked for every important date in Tarot history I could find. I wanted to use everyone who has contributed to tarot history. Birthdays of tarot luminaries like Pamela Coleman Smith or Aleister Crowley. Events in Tarot’s history. I wanted the readers to learn about tarot as they performed the spreads. I found correlations with the occult, the Victorian era, anything gothic and ghosty felt very right. I included Greek and roman festivals, gods and goddesses when I could. I included artists and writers because true art is supernatural and artists are shaman in their own right. I included universal stories, fairy tales and popular films that almost anyone would be familiar with.

5. Did you pick something special for your birthday, because I would?

Everyone picks up the book and goes straight to see their birthday spread! Mine birthday falls on Halloween! The Halloween spread is massive. It looks at the 12 months ahead, considers personal magic and reflects on what you should embrace and reject.

6. What’s one of your favorite spreads from the book?

That’s like asking which is my favorite child! My daughter’s favorite is the Indiana Jones Spread. Hmmmm … one of the most useful spreads that really helped me through a tough time was a spread I created when I was having a difficult time communicating with my sister whom I love dearly. I named it the Sibling Issues Spread but really it can be used for any relationship you are struggling in. It changed the trajectory of our communication and things got better quickly. This is tarot at its BEST!

Cast Your Cards

1. The situation.
2. What I’m feeling.
3. What they are feeling.
4. What I see that they don’t.
5. What they see that I don’t.
6. What is truly possible for the two of us.
7. What action can I take to heal the relationship?

7. What’s one of your favorite historical tidbits from the book?

Random and fascinating was the Battle of Los Angeles! Right after US entrance to WW2, in 1942, there were objects spotted in the sky. Some thought enemy fire, others thought UFO’s, an air raid was called, shots fired, seven people actually perished. The incident was deemed a false alarm though many suspected a UFO cover up.

I turned that date into a tarot spread about personal defensiveness.

8. What are you working on next?

I just signed a contract with Llewellyn for my next book but I’m keeping the subject under wraps for now …

9. Any chance of a Tarot Diva Tarot Deck coming out one day?

Not that I know of 🙂

10. Parting shot! Ask us here at The Magical Buffet any one question.

Mmmmm, fall is in the air! What are you most looking forward to as the air turns crisp and the witching season is approaching?

I’m kind of meh on autumn because it means winter is on the way, and I am not a fan. However I do love the Celebrate Samhain event that takes place every October, so I must accept fall if I want to go to Celebrate Samhain.

About Sasha Graham:
Sasha Graham teaches tarot classes and produces tarot events at New York City’s premiere cultural institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has shared her love of tarot on film, television, radio and print. She lives in New York City. Visit her blog at http://tarotdiva.wordpress.com/.