The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Okay, maybe not the MOST, but certainly one of my favorite times of the year. What time is that? When Llewellyn starts busting out their annuals.

Although I’m not a practicing Witch, Wiccan, or Pagan, even I appreciate the detail in their yearly date books. Seriously, I save those bad boys. You never know when you’ll want to know the moon phase on a particular day in 2003. That statement may explain why I keep running out of room for books in my home.

Now that you know that, you’ll understand why I was in full on geek bliss when I received copies of Llewellyn’s “2010 Witches’ Companion” and Llewellyn’s “Sabbats Almanac: Samhain 2009 to Mabon 2010”. Let’s break it down, shall we?

The “2010 Witches’ Companion” has over 20 essays divided up into the categories of “Community Forum: Provocative Opinions on Contemporary Issues”, “Witchy Living: Day-by-Day Witchcraft”, “Witchcraft Essentials: Practices, Rituals, and Spells”, and “Magical Transformations: Everything Old is New Again”. Nice, right? Let’s delve in a little deeper now. Within those categories are articles from loads of authors who have been featured on this very website: “Giving Back to the Spirit World” by Lupa (who wrote “An Abbreviated Introduction to Chaos Magic” for us back in January 2008), “Cyber Altars: Using New Technology in Traditional Ways” by Lisa McSherry (she was interviewed by us back in 2007 and she recently contributed to our Wiccan Rede Project), “Crafting the Perfect Spell” and “The Modern Eclectic Coven” by Deborah Blake (who we interviewed in September 2008), and “Color Magick” by Raven Digitalis (who we enjoy so much that we interviewed him in November of 2007 and again in August 2008). Along with those, and more wonderful essays, you also get a lunar calendar, a monthly break down with the dominant astrological signs, and a moon void-of-course tables. All of THAT for $10. Why on earth wouldn’t you buy this? It’s entertaining, informative, and a great way to get acquainted with several authors…for only $10! Let me say it one more time….only ten dollars.

Now for the “Sabbats Almanac”. This book is divided up by the eight sabbats, surprising, right? This collection is an amazing look at the history and modern celebration of these holidays. This includes rituals, recipes, craft ideas, planetary influences, and family activities. The list of contributing authors is impressive, and again features some Magical Buffet favorites. The previously mentioned Deborah Blake contributes “Spring Equinox” and “An Ostara Ritual for New Goals”. She is joined by Thuri Calafia (who we interviewed in December 2008) who authored “May Day” and “A Beltane Ritual: Erotic Energy” .There are also two essays, “Summer’s End” and “A Mabon Mystery: John Barleycorn”, by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (who we were honored to interview in January 2008). This book is so much fun! Since I love food so much, I have to admit I enjoyed reading the recipes the most! If you’re looking for new insights and ideas for celebrating the sabbats, this book is a must!

Hopefully you now understand why I can call this one of the most wonderful times of the year!