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By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

July brings the climax of summer and for this month’s Querent Jonah, the heat is on. Jonah has excelled in his career with many successes but feels the pressure to make a change. He wants to know what potential the future brings to find success in advancement of his education, or whether a different career track is in order.

Exploring the crossroads in his career I sense the stagnation- that he is good at what he does but it has become routine and I also feel that there is/may be a change in family responsibility and caretaking that also influences the desire for a change.

Jonah will have an opportunity to make a drastic change and reinvent himself, this will be a breath of fresh air. I feel like education is a part of this but it may involve taking a class, or completing a training program- I don’t feel like it involves going back to school for a lengthy period of time as it seems to promote his skills with a new level of development. I feel like his interests are being stirred up and I perceive a pattern of fine lines- like a plaid pattern involved- this may be related to visual arts or to a technological device that consists of these fine lines- it isn’t clear to me, but I feel like he is being inspired in a new direction for a reason. It seems that if he wanted further education he would be assisted through a program to help re-enroll and get training, I feel like this is either government sponsored or with the assistance of a powerful agency and that he would be recognized by them as a good investment. I feel like part of what keeps him back is an obligation to others or caretaking for a family member however the change would be good for him and would not involve as much stress as he is expecting.

The three cards are the Ace of Rods (Wands), 7 of Cups and King of Cups. This suggests that a new plan is in order and will appeal to his curiosity and need for excitement, following the change in direction will bring Jonah close to numerous old goals and current interests. Here is the best part- of the numerous talents, and the numerous goals, whichever he chooses Jonah will find success, the only difficulty is prioritizing.

Decide which talent brings the most joy or is of the most interest and focus on that for now and he will develop it successfully. I feel like Jonah already has most of the experience and knowledge and if he did further his education it would just be to learn the ground rules and receive the credibility on paper. A healing or helping profession is involved- like medical work but more family, children or counseling focused.

I say this because the final card is the King of Cups and it seems like he is in for a rise in status and the reputation will be that of powerful nurturer and provider for others’ emotional needs. Jonah’s family obligations do not seem to suffer, in fact he become stronger in your role of provider. Going back to the drawing board and following a new idea that brings interest and excitement will work out for success and emotional well being in the long run.

This month’s reading was conducted using the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini. This deck follows the format of the traditional Rider Waite deck which are my template for working with Tarot and the archetypes. Palladini adds his own style to the original themes and cards without changing their names/numbering system etc. As the Rider Waite deck has been written about previously, I wont belabor the specifics in terms of theme, format etc. for this deck as the Majors and Minors are in the same template with the exception of Wands being labeled as Rods. What is different and inspiring about this deck is its artwork. As the name suggests, Palladini brought the archetypal representations originating in the Renaissance forward to his era- the 1970’s when the deck was published. In doing so, we have a blast from the past with art deco, “stained glass” feeling imagery. The original symbolism and figures now pop with color and classy style. If my reaction to first seeing the Rider Waite deck was mistaking the cards for being flat and lifeless, and my love for the originals an “acquired taste”, this deck is more a love based on intrigue. Intentionally two dimensional it feels like each card is its own stained glass window which for me further evokes a feeling of sanctity in the cards. They are not the neon signs that many modern decks try to be, nor are they a passive menagerie of colors and pretty pictures that easily become wall paper. Each card is rather commanding.

While the cards have been modernized in this deck in true Aquarian style, in which mystical wisdom is brought forth in a dramatic way and distributed to the people, and for the benefit of the people, I like seeing a deck that is modern in color scheme and design without being quite so modern that it becomes a reminder of everything digital. Therefore for me, this deck is advanced enough so I can smile at the colors that are so 70s it may as well be part of their name (mostly 70s orange, 70s blue, 70s red) but not wince at seeing one more graphic design that was formulated on a computer and looks identical to many other images designed the same way. There remains a human touch in these images. Plus the artwork inspired by the original trumps but brimming with newer colors and illustrations of Palladini’s time is also reminiscent of the revival of classical wisdom and folklore rampant at the time of their creation. So each card could easily be an album cover for Donovan, or an even folkier revival group, portrayed through Tarot archetypes. In addition the spiritual quest made hip edge invokes the energy of the day in which many religious “molds” were broken and spirituality in its own context became liberated from the confines of traditional Towers (think Jesus Christ Superstar, or even Tommy, in which spiritual themes are explored in taboo or unorthodox ways that speak to a modern world without losing the original message). The artwork is liberated but not so trippy as to be unrecognizable.

I chose this deck without giving much initial thought to why, but in retrospect I feel it was a perfect match for this month’s Querent who is hovering between his past and future mission, reinventing himself and choosing between traditional and revolutionary roles. This deck is easy to use and I recommend it for beginner to advance. Specifically, if a student of Tarot or a Querent is straddling two worlds, or exploring new horizons and needs an energetic boost to bring revolution to their own lives, this deck carries inspiration that can help catapult the Querent into their future self without forgetting their roots.

In accordance with NYS law all readings are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Aquarian Tarot is produced through US Games Systems Inc. and was created by David Palladini (1970).

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