Internet Randomness & Fun

A couple of interesting things have passed through my inbox recently and I thought I’d share them with you.

First up is Amplifyd, a social activism start up that helps crowd-source political lobbying for people, communities and causes by having activists call and lobby local, regional or national representatives on your behalf. Here’s a cute little video that explains the concept:

You can learn more at their IndieGoGo page.

Next is an interesting entrant in the crowded social networking website category, Unlike most social networking websites which focus heavily on the outward part of networking, RealSoulful is setting itself up to be a resource for the individual and hopefully create a more sincere community from that.

Users can create their own content, and I set up an account to see what it was like. I haven’t had a lot of time to interact with RealSoulful, just kind of poke around. What would normally be your homepage on other sites here is called “My Sanctuary”. There is a Vision Board that you can upload pictures to, and along the top there are options such as adding your mantra, expressing gratitude, setting intentions, typing journal entries, enter a prayer, share a random act of kindness you witnessed, and release a negative emotion. You have the option of sharing these with “Soul Central”, which is the community’s timeline/feed (like Facebook), and for those of you who cannot say good-bye to Facebook, RealSoulful also gives you the option to share all of those things on your Facebook as well.

I have to say that although I haven’t had much time to spend on the site it really does seem like it could be an interesting tool for someone looking for a more spiritual social media experience. There is even more to it than everything I mentioned here! To learn more, visit

Lastly, quite a while back Self Magazine sent me this quick fun video that I’ve been sitting on because honestly, it got kind of lost in my inbox. But I have it now to share with you! Self Magazine answers the question, which is worse, artificial sweetener or real sugar?