Today we talk jewelry with Gabriela Emma Olivera, the woman behind the high end accessories line Khalama.

It’s what the title says folks, “15 of the World’s Strangest Greetings”.

Dayna Winters, co-author of “The Esoteric Dream Book”, is back to talk about the symbolism of abduction in dreams.

Inflammation. It’s recently been linked to depression, and it has already been talked about with a litany of other health issues. Today we talk about a new book, “Natural Remedies for Inflammation”.

Angela Kaufman of Moonlight Tarot, LLC brings us “The Enlightened Woman’s Guide to Modern Love Myths” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The ladies are back, and better than ever. This time around they’re here to help with dreams.

JB Sanders is back with a new “Geek Month”! Is Elon Musk our next super villain? What did conceptual art look like in a galaxy far, far away? That and more inside!

Take a fun, surprising look at Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. Although does anyone really refer to her as Posh Spice anymore?