In 2012 a Pew Research study showed that one-fifth of the U.S. public identified themselves as unaffiliated with any religion. Larry King discusses this with a diverse round table of guests.

Will a couple reconnect and make a new start? Angela Kaufman of Moonlight Tarot looks to the tarot to find out.

Banned Books Week is back again! Let’s celebrate our freedom to read what we want! And this year there is a focus on reading graphic novels, and Rebecca loves her comics!

Ahoy Mateys! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is here again! Last year I had so much fun coming up with a tasty drink to share with you I did it again!

Today we’re talking about The Inner Wizard, “Message cards from your higher self”. If you think it’s just another oracle deck, think again.

The latest “Geek Month in Review” features 3D printed robot driving a hoverbike. Do you really need anything more?

The United States just celebrated Labor Day. I just got to celebrate the upcoming release of the novel “Wickedly Dangerous” with the author Deborah Blake! And today, she and hopefully a whole lot of readers will celebrate the book’s official release.