The Grateful Table

People always talk about developing an “attitude of gratitude”. Around Thanksgiving people countdown what they’re thankful for on Facebook, at the Thanksgiving dinner table they recount what they’re thankful for, or at the least take a moment count their blessings. Perhaps during Christmas while making charitable donation people spare a thought of gratitude that they’re not the ones in need this holiday season. Yet I would guess that’s the extent of gratitude the average person or family shares in a year.

What if there are was a way to exercise your gratitude muscles on a daily basis? Enter “The Grateful Table: Blessing, Prayers and Graces for the Daily Meal” by Brenda Knight.

Brenda Knight is on a mission to bring more happiness, more joy, and more gratitude to people’s lives. With her book, “The Grateful Table”, each day you’ll find a different quote from a wide variety of people, ranging from Neil Gaiman to Elizabeth Edwards and Ray Bradbury to Saint Issac of Ninevah. The author hopes you’ll gather around the table and share these daily thoughts until you start to feel that gratefulness every day.

Now as you know, with all things like this, I always check out my birthday for the example to share. So May 29th is “Thank you for the reflection of Your Smile in all we see.” – Kenneth Kurtz.

Who is Kenneth Kurtz? Honestly, I’ve got no clue. I emailed a couple of publicists, they had no clue. Googled Kenneth Kurtz, got a handful of results, none of them seemed right. So dear Magical Buffet readers, if you know who Kenneth Kurtz is, let all of us know in the comments!

Until then, perhaps you should consider “The Grateful Table”. A beautiful little book to help you be thankful all year round.