Snoopy: Cowabunga!

Who doesn’t love Snoopy? I mean, I was offered the chance to review “Snoopy: Cowabunga!” A Peanuts Collection, and obviously I said yes. I grew up reading pocket Peanuts books and my father is a big fan. However, what can be done to make a Peanuts book worth reviewing? How can you make it new or different? Well, guess what? “Snoopy: Cowabunga!” is incredibly exciting!

First off, we’re talking 214 pages of full color Peanuts strips. And that’s right, I said FULL COLOR. I didn’t get that in my little pocket books. Along the side of the pages is a little Snoopy running back and forth. Yup, there is a bit of flip book action going on too!

Once you’re done reading the strips there is actually MORE to do! There is a section of activities at the back of the book. Learn how to make a bird feeder for other Woodstocks out there, make a Snoopy finger puppet, or learn how comics can reflect life. There’s still more activities, and there is a poster of all the Peanuts characters.

Now, let me just take a moment and blow your mind. At this point I assume you’re impressed with all “Snoopy: Cowabunga!” has to offer, well here’s the really amazing part. Suggested U.S.A. retail, $9.99. All of this for only $9.99! Hello holiday gift for like, everyone! Because like I said, who doesn’t love Snoopy?

Ah, the wisdom of Snoopy.