Jules Evans, author of “Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations”, discussed Stoic philosophy and how it can help you in you every day life.

In the name of research, I invite some friends over to drink and watch a movie. It’s okay though, we followed the road map laid out in “Lights, Camera, Booze: Drinking Games for Your Favorite Movies” by Kourtney Jason and Lauren Metz.

This month Angela Kaufman, of Moonlight Tarot LLC, used the tarot to take a glimpse at what we may be headed for with the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Did composer Ricky Kej create an “epic ‘New Age’ album”? Am I qualified to make that call? Click on in for lots of beautiful music and video!

A long overdue review of a book that’s worth the wait.

Oh what fun JB Sanders has in store for you! The mathematics of Futurama, disturbingly fast galloping robots, news from the creators of Myst and more!

Put on your dancing shoes people because we’re talking to Irina Shapiro, the singer behind the super fun dance song “One Last Kiss”! You’ll want to check this one out!