The Yoga Back Book

To all my younger readers, take care of your back. You’ll appreciate the advice when you’re an old lady like me. Due to assorted health issues I can’t really do aerobic exercise so I’ve been doing yoga for a long time. In fact, I started it before the health issues! And yet, damn, my back. I finally started private yoga lessons with a professional teacher/trainer. The new routines have been great!

The horrible truth is, when it comes to our bodies, everything is connected. It took a professional yoga instructor to help me understand that and modify my routines. For you, could I suggest “The Yoga Back Book: The Natural Solution to Freedom From Pain” by Stella Weller?

Weller’s book is an amazing resource. She really explains to you the components of the back and how they work. No stone is left unturned as Weller discusses diet, ergonomics, posture, sleep, and of course yoga. The yoga poses are pretty basic and should be doable by beginners. That said, the more advanced practioner will recognize the importance of these cornerstone poses.

I have to say, I would readily recommend “The Yoga Back Book” to anyone who has back pain issues but also to any beginning yoga practioners.