What at first appeared to be a specific book about the Native American sacred pipe opened up a whole world of mythology, history, and religion.

Angela Kaufman of Moonlight Tarot LLC is back, and this time she talks about using an oracle deck instead of the usual tarot deck.

You know how when you sit down to meditate your brain suddenly won’t shut up? Well Ajayan Borys, author of “Effortless Mind”, is here to tell you it is okay.

I enjoyed Kathy Gruver’s affirmations article so much I asked her to provide some of her do it yourself health guidance from her “Alternative Medicine Cabinet”.

JB Sander’s latest “Geek Month” is here with so much 3D that eventually he hits 4D! There’s the Titanic and derelict cruise ships, secret lairs, and fish brains. Yes, fish brains.

We are up to our armpits in gems and stones people! We’ve got two books in one with Isidore Kozminsky’s “Crystals, Jewels, Stones: Magic & Science” and Stuart Weinberg’s “Crystals and the New Age” together and we’ll be comparing it to Claude Lecouteux’s “Lapidary of Sacred Stones” from the last post.

Do you know what a Smaragdus is? Or a Lapidary for that matter? Click on in for gems and stones Claude Lecouteux style.

A week of jewels, crystals, and stones? Too good to be true? Nothing is too good for my readers.