Moonlight Tarot’s Question Corner: Mystical Answers to Mundane Inquiries

By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

February 2013

This column is intended to provide messages from the Tarot to address modern problems experienced by everyday people. Questioners, also known as “Querents” submit requests to have their issue addressed in a complimentary three card Tarot Reading published as part of the Magical Buffet. The reading not only addresses the Querent’s issue but also provides education about the role of Tarot as a tool for exploration and empowerment.

As February’s cold dark days bring the desire for warmth and comfort, relationships are in focus. Passion and romance are on our minds, and in case we forgot, there is always Valentine’s Day to remind us of our desire to share our lives with others. This month’s Querent is a woman we will call Elizabeth. Elizabeth has concerns about her budding romance, a long distance relationship with a man who seems to hold some promise of development both in terms of commitment and attraction, but with whom she remains uncertain. Pursuit of this relationship will entail risks and she is proceeding with caution, and looking for guidance for the long term growth of this relationship, any potential obstacles. She would also like to gain a sense of where his intentions lie in this relationship. In honor of Elizabeth and the atmosphere of Valentine’s romance, this month’s deck is The Lover’s Tarot. Her reading reveals the Four of Gems, Queen of Gems and The Death card, reversed.

A quick word about the much feared “Death” card before we proceed.In all realms outside of carnival fortune teller scenes in pop media, the Death card is not literal. It portends significant transformations that may bring great loss or sadness in the course of their progression, but it is not a literal indicator of the end of one’s life.

Public service announcement aside, let’s return to Elizabeth’s relationship question. First, to examine the theme for this relationship in the near future, the Four of Gems. This card’s suit is unique to The Lover’s Tarot and in other traditional decks may be termed “coins” or “pentacles”. The Four of Gems indicates that this relationship grows out of a desire for security. Some of this desire is physical security in all its forms- the comfort of knowing each partner is there, the satisfaction of finding balance and harmony in a partnership and the stability of combining material resources, abilities, and assets. There is a sense of satisfaction and harmony in this relationship especially in tangible ways that each partner seems to provide what the other has been missing. There is a feeling with this card that this relationship is grounded in practical matters and it may seem that mundane issues such as money and property are of great concern. There is an equal stake for both partners but much of this relationship rests on material and physical security. The desire for stability is essential and so both partners may look to each other for such stability. There is a strong attraction but its primary focus is grounding rather than emotional. It seems this relationship will develop in a way that emphasizes problem solving, practicality and sharing resources. A possessive side may be developing in this relationship as well however. Be mindful of red flags that this relationship is becoming more about security than actual emotional attraction. Be mindful of the attraction to what it seems you could have together trumping the attraction of how it feels to be with this person. There is potential for harmony on a material/physical/ and practical level but this stability may also yield dependency, clinging to the status quo and resisting change. There will be a desire to hold on to property, money, physical routines and comforts that potentially interferes with the emotional bond or even emotional growth as a partnership. Be very cautious about the potential for possessiveness on both sides of this relationship. It seems the tendency will be to engage in battles of will and the significant other may come to regard Elizabeth or her belongings/property or money with a sense of entitlement or ownership. Be mindful of how resources and assets are dealt with in this relationship. It seems boundaries will need to be clear to avoid stagnation and prioritizing comfort and security over growth and emotional well being. The number four will also be significant as this relationship proceeds. Be on the look out for four types of material resources that become significant to this relationship.

Although potential obstacles emerge in the prior card, the next card specifically addresses challenges this relationship will face. This card also is from the suit of Gems, and it is the Queen of Gems. This suggests that a woman in the role of material provider, business manager, money manager or property owner may be providing financial security or assistance but in doing so is posing a challenge to this relationship. This is likely to be a woman of either dark hair and features or grey/white hair. This would be a woman who is mature, serious but also generous who has developed comfortable means for herself and often invests in others as a way to promote growth and material security. This person or her relationship to either partner is hindering this relationship. There is also a potential warning here for Elizabeth, that this relationship may be focused more on a desire by her significant other to be taken care of financially and that placing too much emphasis on the material assets or property is taking away from the romance in this relationship.

The final card is the Death card, and it is reversed. Being a Major Arcana card elevates the significance of this card. There is a large transition underway for both partners, although it seems particularly to impact the gentleman. This change is being resisted. It seems circumstances surrounding this man are forcing him to confront a significant loss and undergo a deep transition that will further his own growth and development, but he is resisting this change. With this card following the Queen of Gems, it seems as if a connection to the material support of this authority figure, or perhaps the abundance available through a workplace setting, previous relationship with a heavy emphasis on money, or generous business oriented family member, are keeping him in a situation where he is materially successful but not able to make changes to facilitate deeper personal growth- including full commitment to this relationship. It seems as if currents are pulling him in the direction of making a fresh start, committing to a substantial change primarily impacting his life, identity and values, but he seems to resist this change or to shut down rather than opening up to new possibilities, especially ones that he feels threaten his security. For some reason he perceives this relationship as requiring him to give up some measures of his own security or comfort in order to embrace transition and growth. It also seems that severing ties or commitments which seem largely financial in nature, with the Queen of Gems is perceived by him as a threat or at least as a very overwhelming experience and he is resisting this.

It seems that this relationship has the potential for development and growth but the focus stems from a practical need for security found in this partnership that could easily become dependency/possessiveness if not careful. Business or monetary obligations possibly related to a female authority figure pose an obstacle to the further development of the relationship and a major lifestyle change on the horizon for the gentleman in the picture is being hindered by his own resistance to embrace change that would affect his way of life, especially in terms of creating financial or material risk. It is important to bear in mind that both partners have choices to make. Evaluating this relationship for what is apparent and intuited and then deciding how much energy, time, patience are given to this relationship is a process for Elizabeth. Meanwhile, her significant other also has important choices to consider especially in regards to his ability to be receptive to the changing tides around him which seem to be setting the stage for transformation and initiation in his own life but which he is not currently embracing openly. Knowledge of these patterns can help ease into transition and take healthy risks to allow one’s self to advance personally, spiritually, and in a partnership. It should be noted however that if one person, say Elizabeth, awaits the receptivity and openness of her partner yet over time it appears he still remains unyielding, holding on to a way of life that he has the potential to outgrow both personally and for the sake of this relationship- then she may have to accept that this relationship is not moving in a direction that would allow for optimal growth as a partnership. Based on this information Elizabeth can discuss her feelings about the direction this relationship is taking and attempt to openly engage her significant other in a conversation about his fears, the potential for this transition and what is holding him back. Through this type of communication there is a potential to work through the insecurities that bring such resistance to change but it will require patience as it seems this person views this transition as very overwhelming. When a card like the Death card is reversed it suggests blocked energy and in knowing this, there are actions both the Querent or others involved can attempt in order to resume a flow of energy conducive to progress not stagnation. Communication and faith can be key elements to reversing the Death card which would bring an open acceptance of a new beginning, one paving the way for growth and development on a significant level.

Best of luck to Elizabeth, and thanks for participating in this month’s column! As always, no matter where you are reading this from all readings are for entertainment only in accordance with New York State law.

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This month’s reading was conducted using the True Love Tarot, Secrets of Mating, Dating and Relating by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber available published by St. Martins Press (2006). Copies of this deck are available at