Life and Love Really Do Continue On

I am the bearer of sad news for The Magical Buffet community. On February 13th David Pitkin passed away. Pitkin was the very first guest author to contribute to The Magical Buffet, and more recently he was one of the participants at The Magical Buffet of Authors event.

Pitkin speaking at Magical Buffet of Authors

David Pitkin is the author of numerous books such as “New York State Ghosts Vol. 1 & 2”, “Ghosts of the Northeast”, and “Haunted Warren County”. You can find, and buy, his books here and here. Thanks to his wonderful and prolific writing, Pitkin was often a guest speaker at book stores, libraries, and paranormal conventions.

David Pitkin was such a special man. I saw him at a book signing that had three people in attendance and speaking at a paranormal expo with 50 or more people, and he treated each group the same. Like each and every one of them was the most special person in the room. That’s how he treated every person, like they were the most important person in the room. He was charming to the Nth degree.

Pitkin and I sharing a special conversation

Pitkin would often sign his books with “Life and Love Really Do Continue On….” In David Pitkin’s case I have no doubt that it’s true. The legacy he leaves behind of quality ghost folklore and the magic he brought to the lives he touched will absolutely carry on.

David Pitkin had a long life of wearing many hats. You can learn more from reading his obituary here.