Author Deborah Blake and I talk about her latest book, “Everyday Witch Book of Rituals”, favorite felines, and Panera. Seriously, that’s how the two of us do things.

Dr. Kathy Gruver, author of “The Alternative Medicine Cabinet” and the new book “Body/Mind Therapies for the Bodyworker”, was kind enough to share some thoughts on affirmations. My readers enjoy my site. My readers enjoy my site. My readers enjoy my site.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Spiritual comedian Alicia Dattner is here to talk about the FIRST EVER Online Spiritual Comedy Festival! While she’s here we also talk about why spirituality and comedy get along, laughter yoga, and blenders blocking enlightenment.

This month Angela of Moonlight Tarot faces her most interesting inquiry to date; can tarot provide a complimentary spiritual guide for healing for a man already receiving help from a medical provider?

Richard Moat, life coach and contributor to, shares some ideas about relaxing into the moment, being in the flow.

Save boring data, don’t nuke hurricanes, and other exciting lessons are sure to be learned thanks to JB Sanders and the latest “Geek Month in Review”!