My hero Claude Lecouteux is back! This time he’s back with a fascinating book that every paranormal enthusiast has been waiting for….they just didn’t know it until now!

How technology is helping people learn about the refugee experience and attempting to protect languages that are going extinct. Also, I say “Holy Batman!” a lot. Perhaps too much. You be the judge.

The Magical Buffet welcomes back John Ptacek of the On Second Thought website as he shares with us a personal note.

That’s right folks, I went back again to Muse Gifts & Books in Marlborough, NH! This time it was for their Midsummer Faerie Fest with Raven and Stephanie Grimassi and Dawn Hunt. Despite that being the case, I still manage to also talk about a few other Marlborough institutions and curse Christopher Penczak too. What can I say? I’m good like that.

“The Tarot Playbook: 78 Novel Ways to Connect with Your Cards” by Lynda Cowles is a guaranteed good time for you AND your tarot deck.

It’s been about a year but Zimbabwe is back on The Magical Buffet with an assist from Stephen Colbert!

JB Sanders is back with meteorite wedding bands, bizarre bookmarks, $400 blankets, and more, in the latest “Geek Month in Review”!

“The Hobbit Tarot” that is. Come on, stick around, the tarot is totally worth reading a few minutes more.